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 BGAN Satellite systems will work where no others can 


Inmarsat BGAN

Mobile satellite communication has been in existence for over 30 years and Inmarsat BGAN sets the standard when it comes to world-wide mobile satellite services. Following the success of providing reliable mobile communication service to the maritime and aeronautic communities, Inmarsat broadens its scope to land mobile communication.

The bgan terminal is a very simple piece of equipment to set up and get working, despite all of the obvious high tech behind it. You just need to have a clear "view" of the satellite and it will automatically log on to the satellite.

BGAN’s Impact on Industry
Using 3 geostationary satellites, Inmarsat provides near-global coverage to those professions and industries that operate remotely in the field, beyond the reach of conventional communications. Professions and industries such as mining, construction, telemedicine, banking, finance and journalism utilize Inmarsat BGAN. Remote offices can be set up quickly and easily to deliver broadband global area network communications between the field and head office.
Provider of Distress and Safety Communications
 Inmarsat BGAN provides communication that aids to save lives. Instant restoration of communication in disaster situations is vital to saving lives. BGAN can do that. With no technical expertise required, field workers can quickly set up portable communications. Delivering broadband data simultaneously with voice data through a single, compact device, BGAN is the hub of disaster relief efforts.
BGAN In-Field Equipment
The basic equipment needed to establish BGAN in the field includes:
• BGAN Satellite terminal
• BGAN voice or VoIP handsets
• MAC or PC laptop or PDAs
• Power Adapters AC/DC, batteries, cables
Other equipment may include broadcasting equipment, transport cases with docking stations, and additional software to enhance operations. Inmarsat BGAN offers products such as these through a global network of suppliers.
BGAN Services
Providing services such as phone, standard IP, streaming IP and text, Inmarsat BGAN maintains productivity in the field. Whether for personal use or to network a team, Inmarsat provides a range of devices to meet your needs and the needs of your team.
A Look to the Not-So-Distant Future
With plans to deliver mobile broadband at speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, Inmarsat has contracted with US aerospace manufacturer Boeing to build the new Inmarsat-5 satellites. The Inmarsat-5 satellites will be the foundation of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress™ network.
Setting the standard for more than 30 years, Inmarsat BGAN will remain the frontrunner in broadband global area network communication.

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