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Iridium satellite phone


 The Iridium satellite phone is a great way to keep in touch

Given the quality of mobile phone communications, it would be easy to think that you could get a signal virtually anywhere in the world.

This is sadly not the case though and many people are unable to use standard mobile phones to stay in touch with their office or loved ones at home. When this is the case, there is still a solution available and the Iridium satellite phone makes it possible to stay in touch, no matter where in the world you are.
The use of satellite signals ensures that the Iridium product range keeps their users in contact, even in the harshest of conditions. It will come as no surprise to learn that in the middle of the desert or in the Arctic Circle, it can be difficult to obtain a telephone signal. Without using satellite phones, people working in the areas would be out of contact. Given the nature and environment, having access to a phone is vital for the safety and progress of people.

Iridium makes good looking phones.
You would probably expect a phone of such power to be cumbersome and bulky but this is not the case with the Iridium satellite phone range. The newer models are amongst the sleekest and smallest satellite phones ever made, which means that fashion conscious people do not have to feel unhappy with their fans. The most important aspects of Iridium satellite phones are based upon their ability to receive a signal and work in harsh temperatures but looks can also be important. Thankfully, these phones stand up to the test on every level.
Another important thing about the Iridium Satellite Phone range is that it is easy for people to use. If you are using a phone in the middle of nowhere, it has to be simple to use or there is no point in having it. There is unlikely to be any IT supports nearby to offer assistance so being able to use the phone straight out of the box is a huge asset for all users.
Everyone will recognise the features of the Iridium satellite phones.
Regardless of the level of skill or expertise a person has, a new product can be difficult to get the hang of if it contains unknown features. The Iridium range of satellite phones are based upon intuitive designs and common features, which should ensure people, are comfortable with their use. The majority of Iridium products are also programmed to feature a number of languages, some have over 20 languages installed, which means they are suitable for consumers all over the world. With speakerphone, USB ports and the ability to use it hands free, Iridium provide satellite phones that are at the upper limit of technology and should provide much more capabilities than just being a phone. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the power and technology supplied by an Iridium satellite phone should keep you in contact with colleagues and loved ones. This is the phone to have by your side if it is essential that you have a way of contacting people back home.

The Iridium system is the only truly global provider of mobile satellite voice and data coverage. Complete coverage of the earth is achieved with 66 low earth orbiting  cross linked satellites with multiple in-orbit spares. The constellation operates as a fully meshed network and is the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world, giving you the ability to connect on the oceans, in the air and even at the polar regions. Ideally suited for use in the most remote of areas, you know that Iridium will deliver the ability to keep in touch wherever you are.

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